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Check out GALI's official video for "Tomorrow never dies".

- Director and Concept Credit -

And if you watch very closely, I make another familiar cameo appearance!



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Photo Credit:  GALI - "I'm Alive" - iTunes Cover - 06.03.13

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Check out GALI's official video for "I'm Alive".

I was involved in the production of this video and also have a cameo in it!

Watch for my 10 seconds of fame as the "Hot Dog Guy" at around the 1:28 mark.



Photo Credit:  Ruthie Lamb Promotional Photo

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Ruthie Lamb - "Heaven Couldn't Wait"



Photo Credit:  GOLD 1 - Beyond Wonderful Cover - 03.28.14



GOLD 1 (Featuring: FLO RIDA) - "Beyond Wonderful"



Photo Credit:  Kimberley Dunn - "Ryan's Song" - iTunes Cover 04.28.11

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 Kimberley Dunn - "Ryan's Song"



Photo Credit:  Movie Poster for "No Boys Allowed" - Released Summer 2015






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