Ben Winestone

///Humor 3


(a whole leap-year's worth)



The Book of... Sensible Nonsense might be just what you need to overhaul the mundane thoughts in your head and give you that mental challenge you’ve been craving. Of course, it may also cause a few headaches along the way, but a little pain never hurt anyone...


If you enjoy this line of reasoning, there are 366 Clever - Funny - Crazy - Deep - ??? - Head scratching - Oh, I get it - Oh, I don’t get it - Gee, I’ll never get it quotes in this book for you to fumble your way through... So if you plan on trying out a quote per day on the people you know to show them how cleverly humorous (or insanely deep) you are... you’re covered for a full year (ANY year!)


Each quote is personalized just for you and is ready to repeat out loud as if it was your very own! So have fun, pace yourself, and enjoy reading some real... Sensible Nonsense.


372 pages - Available in Paperback Edition

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