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PlentyOf rotting Fish

Vol 1 & 2

One Man's Plight to Find True Love... Online




PlentyOf rotting Fish - Vol 1 & 2 - are books like no others. Like many other single guys, the thought of turning to online dating to meet “the one” seemed like a natural thing to do in this day and age. Forget about going out to bars and clubs where the liquid courage runs freely (But not free) and waking up the next morning lying beside a woman you could have sworn looked a heck of a lot better the night before when you were wearing your pants for a hat. Even the grocery store seems a little outdated as a place to meet the woman of your dreams. It’s tough to make a good first impression on a beautiful woman while hoping she doesn't notice the huge economy size pack of extra quilted toilet paper taking up most of the space in your cart. Sure we all use the toilet regularly, but she doesn’t need the thought popping into her head while picking out produce.


Time to take a look at the lighter side of online dating through a man's eyes. Actual unaltered online dating profiles that real women created to try and entice us guys into wanting to be with them. You won't believe your eyes and may want to think twice about trying online dating for yourselves after reading these books. One man's frustration is definitely everyone else's entertainment.


156 pages - Available in Paperback Edition

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150 pages - Available in Paperback Edition

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