Ben Winestone

///Humor 1


"Be Careful Who You Wish For"


Since entering adulthood, Joe Mullin has lived a simple, yet sometimes lonely life.  Content with not evolving with the times, he’s watched the age of technology bloom like a wildflower, while leaving him tangled up in its roots.  Joe sees no reason to change his simple ways.  Simple had always worked, but he knew he was also missing out on things.

Pushing 40, this awkwardly shy simpleton is determined to find true love for the first time. He turns to his two worldly, but very compulsive friends for help, and their dating advice is about to turn Joe’s dull and routine life upside down.  They lead him into a dangerous and unpredictable world where even the strong and confident have been reduced to tears and misery many times over.  It’s a world where trouble and deceit lurk around every corner and although many play to win, only few prevail.

Joe Mullin is entering the world of Online Dating and is jumping in with both feet.  A new laptop computer and high tech cell phone pave the way for a hysterical journey full of “interesting” women and crazy situations that violently rip Joe out of his comfort zone and take him on the wildest ride of his life.  But will it all be worth it in the end, or will he crash and burn like so many before him?


152 pages - Available in Paperback Edition

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